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Allen Bradley 194L-G3195, 194L-G3194

Allen Bradley 194L-G3195, 194L-G3194 Enclosure Type Suitable For Suitable For 194L (Base-Mounted Switches) No. of Contacts Shaft Use with 194E Switch No. of Poles Shaft Required 194L-G3572 194L-A12(16) 1/2 194L-G3195 194E-A25(32) 3 and 4 194L-G3194 194L-G3576 194L-A12(16) 3/4 Standard 194L-A20(25) 1/2 194L-G3194 (95 x 150 x 86 mm) 194L-A20(25) 3/4 Standard 194L-G3573 194L-A12(16) 5/6 194L-G3195 — — — 194L-G3577 194L-A12(16) 7/8 194L-G3194 194L-A12(16) 9/10 Standard 194L-A20(25) 5/6 194L-G3194 (95 x 150 x...
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