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CL Series Afficheur Digital



     CL Series digital electrical meters can be measure voltages, currents, powers, power factors, phase angles, frequencies, with or without CT, PT. The measured values are displayed LED. Some products can be equipped with 4-20mA or 0-5V analog output. This series products has many advantages such as high accuracy, good isolation, good quality, anti-vibration. So it can replace the pointer meters directly.

2.Technical feature
  Technical parameters Values
INPUT Voltage range: AC 100V,220V,380V
Current range: AC 1A, 5A;0~10A DC
Overload  current: 6A (continuous), 50A (1s)
Voltage: 540V (continuous), 1000V (1s);
Impedance current ≤0.1Ω; Voltage ≥1MΩ
Frequency 45~65Hz, 400Hz±5%
OUTPUT Analog output 1, 2 or 4 analog outputs: programmable 0~20mA, 4~20mA
OTHER FEATURES Display LED -19999~19999
Precision 0.5; option 0.2
Supply AC/DC 85~290V, Consumption<3VA
Test voltage 2kVAC (voltage input / supply)
ENVIRONMENT Temperature Work:-10℃~55℃
Humidity ≤95%RH in the place without dew and corrosive gas
Altitude ≤2000m
Outline: 96 Model (96 x 96 x 85 mm)
CL96-AI AC current meters

One LED displayer




CL96-DI DC current meters
CL96-AV AC voltage meters
CL96-DV DC voltage meters
CL96-P 3-phases active power meters
CL96-Q 3-phases reactive power meters
CL96-F Frequence meters
CL96-PF Power factor meters
CL96-D Phase angle meters
CL96-AI/M AC current meters with analog output
CL96-AV/M AC voltage meters with analog output
CL96-AI3 3-phases current meters 3 LED can display 3-phase I or U simultaneously
CL96-AV3 3-phases voltage meters
CL96-AI3/M 3-phases current meters with analog output The only one analog output corresponds to the first I or U
CL96-AV3/M 3-phases voltage meters with analog output