Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu Honeywell STT25H

Read/write ID (e.g. TID 250)

Select a sensor type (e.g. Pt100)

Select linear/non linear reading (i.e. Linear for
C etc., Non linear for
and V)

Enable/disable sensor break detection

Set damping time (e.g. 0 second)

Set LRV and URV

Read URL (upper range limit), LRL (lower range limit) and span

Read process value and cold junction value in engineering units

Read output in % of span

Read STT250’s software version

Read fail-safe direction configured by link

Set/reset user calibration to specific sensor

Set 0 and 100% output calibration

Force output current

Read/write scratch pad

Select broadcast type 4 or 6 bytes (Digital DE only). 6 bytes broadcasts PV and
transmitter database while 4 bytes broadcasts PV only

Enable/disable write protect

Select 50 Hz/60 Hz
power line filter

Enable/disable latching. Latching means the alarm needs acknowledgment. Press
“STATUS” key to acknowledge the alarm.
If latching is disabled, the STT250 will leave the alarm mode as soon as the alarm
cause disappears.

Change to NAMUR output levels

STT 3000 – Series STT250
Smart Temperature Transmitter
Models STT25D, STT25M,

Honeywell STT25S
Honeywell STT25H
Honeywell STT25T
Honeywell STT25D
Honeywell STT25M

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