Dây cáp GYFTA33

Dây cáp GYFTA33

Thông số kỹ thuật dây cáp quang GYFTA33

1. Has good mechanical properties and temperature characteristics

2. The single thin round steel wire armor makes the optical cable have stronger tensile performance

3. Aluminium strip longitudinally package, good moisture barrier performance

4. Full-section fresh water or sea water resistance

5. The outer sheath has good anti-ultraviolet radiation performance

6. Optional flame retardant outer sheath with good flame retardant properties

7. The maximum water depth can reach 250m

Outdoor Communication Cable GYFTA33

Laying method: direct burial, pipeline, underwater

Scope of application: long-distance communication industry, waterfront, anti-rodent

Product standard: YD/T 901 / IEC 60794-3-30
Temperature range: Storage temperature: -40~+70℃; Installation temperature: -5~+50℃; Operating temperature: -40~+70℃