Đo mức silo FTTEE300

Thông số kỹ thuật bộ đo mức silo FTTEE300
Dải đo: 30M
Nguồn cấp 220 VAC
Đầu ra: 4-20mA analog, relay
LCD display, RS485
Electromechanical level transmitter FTTEE300

Measurement immunes from the interference of environment such as sound waves, dust, capacitance, or temperature change.
User-friendly in touch buttons with microprocessor-based calculation design.
High level and low level alarm.(3A/250Vac,SPDTx2)
EE300 is equipped with LCD Dot matrix: 8×2,
Analog output: 4-20mA dc.
Pulse output:
Transistor output NPN/PNP
Relay output 3A/250Vac
Cable Break Alarm: System will detect cable broken during measuring.
Plumb Buried Protection: System can sense and stop the measurement as the plumb hit by materials and retrieve the wire to prevent the plumb being buried.
Plumb Buried Alarm: System will detect plumb buried by the medium.
Start Modes: auto start, manual start, intelligent start, and external triggered start.
Intelligent Start: Measuring interval is inverse proportional to medium level.
Auto Return Setup: Prevent sensing weight from buried or sliding into the tank pivot and avoid damage facility equipment while tank is empty.
Material Fill-Up Protection: Reduce the possibility of plumb being buried.
Measuring range of 30m (Standard), Max.45m is available for EE300.
RS485 MODBUS communication protocol.
Various selections of weights for different requirements.
Freeze Prevention Capability: being able to work normally in cold temperature