Honeywell PST010AG12S

Thông số kỹ thuật Honeywell công tắc áp suất PST010AG12S:

Honeywell Electronic Pressure switch for gas, low viscosity liquid (SmartPress)

Electronic Pressure switch, with LED display for the field of plant construction, fluidics, process technology, and pneumatics, as well as in the monitoring and control of pumps and compressors.
Models available with the following output types:
all models: switch output open collector; 14..36 Vdc, 250 mA and relay output with gold plated SPDT contact
Protection class: IP65
Housing material: Polybutylene terephtalate (PBT)
Media temp.: -20…100C
Media temp. limit: Higher temperatures are possible, provided that the limit is safeguarded by suitable measures (e.g. water tube trap)
Ambient temperature: -20…60C
Switch function/capacity: All models with relay contact output, 1 x SPDT, material silver gold plated. Capacity resistive: 24 Vdc, 60 mA / 230 Vac, 6,5 mA. With bigger loads, the gold layer will disappear, the capacity with the silver contacts is: 230 Vac 3(1) A.
Applicable parameter settings:
switching Set / Reset points
analog output range
electrical drag indicator
Applicable configurations:
Max-Min, Window monitor
Analog output-signal
Pressure unit
Simulation mode
Plugs have to be ordered separately !
Output signal: 0..10Vdc / 4..20 mA + switch + relay
Sensing element material: 1.4571 + 1.4542

Switch + Transmitter + Relay output
Pressure range: 0…10bar
Max. pressure: 30bar
Kind of pressure: absolute