Bộ lọc Rexroth

Bộ lọc Rexroth

Rexroth Type 2. Size Filter Elements

Size 0040 … 1000
Pressure differential 330 bar
Filter rating 1 µm
Filter area 4.8 m²
Operating temperature range -10 … +100 °C

▶ Filter media
– Glass fiber material of the 5th product generation with electrically conductive non-woven medium and increased dirt holding capacity
– Glass fiber material with water-absorbing function
– Additional filter media: Filter paper, wire mesh,non-woven material and non-woven metal fiber for numerous fields of application in fluid filtration.
▶ Extended product range for non-mineral oil based fluids
▶ ▶ Sizes according to DIN 24550:
1. and 2. 0040 … 1000
▶ Additional sizes:
1.0045 … 2500; 2.0130; 2.0150
4.06 … 4.20; 6.56 … 560; 7,002 … 008
20.0101 … 1051
▶ Pressure differential resistance up to 330 bar [4786 psi]

Rexroth Type 2. Size Filter Elements Type Code:

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
2. 0
01 Filter element 2. 1)
02 according to BRFS standard 0130
according to DIN 24550 0040
Filter rating in μm
03 Nominal Stainless steel wire mesh, cleanable G10
Paper, not cleanable P10
Fleece material, not cleanable VS25
(ISO 16889)
Non-woven glass fiber media, not cleanable H1XL
Glass fiber material generation 5, non-reusable, not cleanable PWR10
Metal fibre fleece, not cleanable M5
Water-absorbing, not cleanable AS3 2)
AS6 2)
AS10 2)
AS20 2)
Pressure differential
04 max. admissible pressure differential of the filter element 30 bar A
330 bar B
Element design
05 Adhesive Standard adhesive 0
Special adhesive H 3)
Element design
06 Material Standard material 0
Stainless steel 1.4571 V 4)
Bypass valve
07 Without 0
08 NBR M
1) For the admissible temperature ranges refer to the “Technical data”
2) Only configurable with pressure differential A = 30 bar
3) Improved temperature and media resistance, only in connection with FKM seal
4) Only in connection with special adhesive and FKM seal
Further filter ratings and seal materials are available upon request.

Bộ lọc R928006865 2.0250AS10-A00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006892 2.0250AS10-A00-0-V
Bộ lọc R928010577 2.0250AS10-A0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010604 2.0250AS10-A0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008721 2.0250AS10-AH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008748 2.0250AS10-AH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928012433 2.0250AS10-AHV-0-M
Bộ lọc R928012460 2.0250AS10-AHV-0-V
Bộ lọc R928006874 2.0250AS10-B00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006901 2.0250AS10-B00-0-V
Bộ lọc R928010586 2.0250AS10-B0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010613 2.0250AS10-B0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008730 2.0250AS10-BH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008757 2.0250AS10-BH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928012442 2.0250AS10-BHV-0-M
Bộ lọc R928012469 2.0250AS10-BHV-0-V
Bộ lọc R928006883 2.0250AS10-C00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010595 2.0250AS10-C0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010622 2.0250AS10-C0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008739 2.0250AS10-CH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008766 2.0250AS10-CH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928006866 2.0250AS20-A00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006893 2.0250AS20-A00-0-V
Bộ lọc R928010578 2.0250AS20-A0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010605 2.0250AS20-A0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008722 2.0250AS20-AH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008749 2.0250AS20-AH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928012434 2.0250AS20-AHV-0-M
Bộ lọc R928012461 2.0250AS20-AHV-0-V
Bộ lọc R928006875 2.0250AS20-B00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006902 2.0250AS20-B00-0-V
Bộ lọc R928010587 2.0250AS20-B0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010614 2.0250AS20-B0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008731 2.0250AS20-BH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008758 2.0250AS20-BH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928022350 2.0250G40-A00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928012443 2.0250AS20-BHV-0-M
Bộ lọc R928012470 2.0250AS20-BHV-0-V
Bộ lọc R928006884 2.0250AS20-C00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006911 2.0250AS20-C00-0-V
Bộ lọc R928010596 2.0250AS20-C0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010623 2.0250AS20-C0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008740 2.0250AS20-CH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006809 2.0160H10XL-A00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008767 2.0250AS20-CH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928048875 2.0250AS6-A00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006859 2.0250G10-A00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006886 2.0250G10-A00-0-V
Bộ lọc R928010571 2.0250G10-A0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010598 2.0250G10-A0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008715 2.0250G10-AH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008742 2.0250G10-AH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928012427 2.0250G10-AHV-0-M
Bộ lọc R928012454 2.0250G10-AHV-0-V
Bộ lọc R928006868 2.0250G10-B00-0-M
Bộ lọc R928006895 2.0250G10-B00-0-V
Bộ lọc R928010580 2.0250G10-B0V-0-M
Bộ lọc R928010607 2.0250G10-B0V-0-V
Bộ lọc R928008724 2.0250G10-BH0-0-M
Bộ lọc R928008751 2.0250G10-BH0-0-V
Bộ lọc R928012436 2.0250G10-BHV-0-M
Bộ lọc R928012463 2.0250G10-BHV-0-V